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RETIRING IN PANAMA. Applying for a retirement visa in Panama

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Are you searching for that special location for your retirement years? If you are looking for a change of environment that offers relaxation, comfort, pleasure from nature and culture, access to modern health care at a reasonable price and much more, you should consider retirement in Panama Many people from the US, Canada and European countries are starting to discover Panama as an exciting and appealing location not only for travel, but for living and retirement.

To retire in Panama you need to apply for one of Panama’s retirement visas. There are four main ways to obtain a living visa. These retirement visa options are:

• Pensionado Visa
• Private Income Retiree Visa
• Person of Means Visa
• Forestry Investor Visa

Pensionado Visa

At this time, the most popular Panama retirement visa is the Pensionado Visa. This visa is thought by many to be one of the best retirement visa programs available in the world. Some of the multitude of benefits of this visa include:

• Discounts on prescription drugs and health care services
• No income tax on incomes earned outside of Panama No property taxes for the first fifteen years.
• Import tax exemption on household goods and/or cars.
• Discounts on airfares, restaurants, movies, theatres and other entertainment, public transport, and loans.

This visa program is designed to allow foreigners to obtain legal residency in panama – as a retiree or pensioner. There is no minimum age for eligibility for Panama’s retirement visa. To apply your income must be at least US$500 every month. And for each dependent, your retirement/pension income must be increased by an extra US$100. Evidence of this income must be provided in the form of documentation, such as a letter from the institution/or company that pays your income. This documentation must be authenticated by your closest Panamanian Consulate.

We can make the process of applying for a Panama retirement visa (or pensionado visa) a lot easier by assisting you with your application. We can turn this procedure into an easy process for you with a quick turn around time. For us to carry out this procedure for you, you need to provide us with all the required documents, give two short visits to Panama (one to register your passport at the immigration office in Panama and to get a certificate of good health from a Panamanian hospital/clinic; and the second to get an official photo taken at the Immigration department).

If you have a dependent that will be living with you in Panama when you retire in Panama, then you need to provide us with a police record for that dependent and a marriage certificate (for spouse) and birth certificate for children under 18 years of age

Apart from documentation of proof of retirement/pension income, you also need to provide us with (by courier before your first visit):
• A photocopy of complete valid passport of applicants (and dependents if applicable).
• Six passport sized photographs of the applications (and dependents)
• Certificate of good health from a licensed Panamanian hospital or clinic, or signed by a registered and licensed physician. This should indicate that the applicant (and dependents) is in good mental and physical health and has no contagious diseases

For further information about documentation needed, the application process, and the fees we charge for this assistance please click here. Please contact us if you have any further questions about the Panama retirement visa or retiring in Panama.

See our discounted legal services fees below for obtaining a retirement visa in Panama.

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