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Any restaurant in Panama symbolizes a part of the land’s culture. People from all corners of the world visit the city either for health reasons or for entertainment purposes. There are several hotels, restaurants, resorts and spas in Panama. It is one of the well-known fishing areas of the world and so sea food of Panama forms an essential part of the menus being introduced in restaurant in Panama. In addition to the sea food varieties the other delectable native eatable signifies the gastronomical standard of Panama. If you are looking for the best Panamanian restaurants, clubs, bars and discos why not have a go into some of the locations like Marbella, Casco, Viejo and Fort Amador.

Some of the renowned restaurant in Panama which have kept the nightlife/entertainment of the place going include Casco Viejo, Chalet Suisse Restaurants, Suizo, Dining and Restaurante El Trapiche. We have already talked about about some of the local dishes being served in restaurant in Panama. Now let us have a close and detailed view of what exactly these dishes are.

Empanadas – These are turnovers filled with meat, cheese or chicken
Tamales – A kind of seasoned pie properly wrapped in banana leaves
Patacones de plátano – This food of Panama is an item of fried plantain
Sancocho – It is a kind of Panamanian juice made with chicken, meat and vegetables
Ceviche – It is a fish item marinated in lime juice, onions and pepper

Once you visit restaurant in Panama it is a surety that along with the native cuisines you will also be served with beers and national liquors. Tasting such exotic somarasa is a different experience altogether.

Keeping aside the indigenous foods, any restaurant in Panama will also serve you a variety of food stuffs from different parts of the world. What not you can find, French, Chinese, Peruvian, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Indian, American, o gosh! The list is endless. Panama is great not only because it has a tang of its own but because the City stands with open arms always ready to embrace the new and the unknown. People staying in the hotels of Panama have plenty of things to do and see. Moreover, visitors within the City are always in search of the finest flavors the Panamanian restaurants can offer.

Two of the best restaurants in Panama are:

Barandas Restaurant in Panama

It is one of those Panamanian restaurants, where you would be served with a fantastic menu of Panamanian-style and international flavorsome dishes and taster. Cuisines offered in this restaurant in Panama are chiefly prepared from fresh and native components along with mouth-watering deserts.

La Posta Restaurant in Panama

This is one of the most prominent Panamanian restaurants offering connoisseur eatery with a flabbergasting menu of culinary brilliance. This restaurant in Panama may also please you with hot steaming pizza – a taste, which is to last for a lifetime.

Food and clothing serve best in portraying the cultural excellence of a favored destination. In regard to this, restaurant in Panama sincerely shows how rich and how extraordinary the culture of the place is. When the native aroma mingles well with the international essence the sensation it creates is beyond anticipation.

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