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Panama lies in the middle of the American continent. In its east lies Colombia and through the west is Costa Rica. It forms a natural isthmian bridge between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, linking North and South America.

Home to the remarkable Panama Canal, the Republic of Panama boasts of the most accessible rainforest in the world. With 900 species of birds, 1,500 species of trees, and 10,000 species of plants, Panama is a truly tropical paradise for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers.

If you haven’t experienced love at first sight, Tour with us and you’ll surely fall in love not only with the place but also with its people, its culture, and fabulous sceneries as well.

Panama is considered a paradise for its ability to excite all your senses. From its tropical landscapes, perfect climate, and friendly people, to its remarkable rain forests, cloud forests and pristine beaches. Go hiking, mountain climbing, bird watching, snorkeling, rafting or scuba diving. Experience Panama’s lively nightlife / entertainment, good food and great wine.

Whether you want your vacation spend in the city, mountains, or on the water, the place is packed with numerous different attractions and sites that ‘boredom’ is simply a strange word here. Go to our Things To Do and See in Panama section for full information about Panama Adventures.

Panamanian Immigration has waived visa requirement for many countries. While some people may enter simply with getting the tourist card at the airport, this does not apply to citizens of all countries. You should first check with the Panamanian Consulate in your country of residence if a visa is no longer needed.

In most cases a tourist card is sufficient and can be bought before boarding the plane at the airline ticket counter or at the Immigration Office at Tocumen International Airport after you have arrived in Panama.

Tourists are all those persons that arrive in Panama for the exclusive purposes of recreation or observation for a period of thirty (30) days, extendable to ninety (90) days at the Immigration and Naturalization Head Office in Panama City, if you submit a request 7 days before the first 30 days have expired. All tourists must pay an exit tax of US$20.00.

You can request information on how to acquire a tourist visa, tourist card or other things you might want to know before touring Panama.

• Panama has the highest rating for tourist safety and a low crime rate in general from Pinkerton Intelligence Services.

• Panama has always been an international crossroads; making its people accustomed to tourist and English has become a second language.

• Panama’s currency is the US Dollar which is circulated freely and without exchange controls; another great convenience for tourists.

• Panama serves as the financial hub for all Latin America and the Caribbean with over 140 international banks and ATM machines, providing access to your bank account.

Most of all, touring Panama is a perfect time to shop for property and real estate. Whether as a retirement option, investment or future vacation destination, Panama offers attractive buys with a wide range of prices that fit your budget and good locations to choose from.

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