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You’ve chosen your destination. You’ve saved so that you have the money to enjoy your trip. You’ve even decided that Panama is your destination. You only have one problem; you don’t know what you are going to do when you are there. Then it occurs to you; why not make your Panama vacation a tour? While there are many choices available, let’s look at one sample tour for reference.

Length of tour: 8 Days / 7 Nights
Day One
Destination: Panama
The start of your vacation tour in Panama occurs when you arrive at the airport. You will be greeted with a reception at the airport and then transferred to the hotel. The remainder of the day is free and the hotel is yours to choose from an available list. No meals are included on this day.

Day Two
Destination: El Valle de Antón
Immediately after breakfast, your Panama vacation tour will take you west for a two hour drive to the village of El Valle de Anton. This pueblo is located in the enormous creater of an extinct volcano. The valley rises to the height of 600 meters above sea level, the view is indescribably beautiful and the climate is crisp and cool. A trip to the Handicrafts Market will give you the opportunity to view, and purchase, handicrafts and other local goods This is followed by the chance to see the El Macho waterfall to view the ancient petroglyphs. The morning’s events are completed with a visit to El Nispero Gardens and Zoo, where you can search for those famous golden frogs! Lunch is included and will treat you to a taste of Panama’s typical cuisine. The rest of the day is free, unless you are the adventurous type and choose the optional tour of the Canopy Adventure. This tour is not included in the price of the tour, but it offers you the opportunity to see the jungle from the treetops. Your hotel is again for you to choose.

Day Three
Destination: Panama City and the Panama Canal
After breakfast, the third day of your Panama vacation tour begins at the ruins of Panama Viego. This is the oldest part of the city and was destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan in 1671. The next stop is Casco Antiguo, the colonial section of the city, which was built in 1673. The Presidential Palace is there, as well as the French Plaza, a tribute to the French effort in building the canal. Next is the Amador Causeway, a breakwater that protects the Pacific entrance to the Canal. This location provides an incredible view of the Bridge of the Americas. After lunch, your Panama vacation tour will take you to the Museum of the Interoceanic Canal which has exhibits as old as the first attempts by the French to build the canal. Upon leaving the museum, the next stop is the Miraflores Locks, the very heart of the Panama Canal. You can experience the operation of the Canal and view an audiovisual presentation the describes how ships pass through the engineering marvel of the 20th Century. The day’s events will end late in the afternoon and your hotel is again yours to choose.

Day Four
Gamboa Adventure
Your Panama vacation tour begins on day four heading for the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. Here you will be able to enjoy a number of exciting adventures including an aerial tram, the snake house, the butterfly farm, the orchid exhibit and the aquarium. The resort also has tours available. Lunch is served in a restaurant at the resort. After arriving at the hotel late in the afternoon, dinner will be at a typical Panamanian restaurant. It will be accompanied by traditional dances, music and the national dress of Panama called the Pollera. Again, you are able to choose your hotel.

Day Five
Destination: Kuna Yala
After breakfast, your Panama vacation tour takes you via flight to San Blas Islands, home of the Kuna Indians. You will spend the day on the islands and the night in the San Blas Cabañas.

Day Six
Destination: Kuna Yala
Day six of your Panama vacation tour is spent among the 365 islands of Kuna Yala Archipelago. You will again spend the night in the San Blas Cabañas.

Day Seven
Destination: Embera-Drua
After breakfast and a morning flight back to Panama City, your Panama vacation tour will take you on a fascinating cultural excursion. You will visit with the Embera-Drua people to learn of their culture and traditions. You will actually share lunch with the Embera-Drua in their huts! These people are known for the fine woven baskets and woodcarvings. After this incredible adventure, you will return to Panama City and stay in the hotel of your choice.

Day Eight
Destination: Home
The final day of your Panama vacation tour will no doubt find you tired, but thrilled with the sights and history of Panama. You will enjoy breakfast and then return to Tocumen International Airport, no doubt wishing you could continue your vacation tour in Panama!

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