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Panama- The Preeminent Destiny Of Health Spa Tourism

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Panama with its slow and steady emergence in the health tourism scenario has captured the headlight with aplomb. The supportive factors behind this prestigious ascent are excellent health spa tourism centers, latest medical equipments, the best professionals but all in an affordable packet. Though the standard of treatment in Panama matches up to that of USA but it redefines health tourism in its motto “ the best in less priced”.

A Probe Into The World Of Spa Treatments

The health spas of Panama begin their treatment procedure with a deep cleansing procedure of your face and body followed by exfoliation, messaging, toning and moisturizing. This initial treatment helps in removing dented epidermal layers to expose a skin with freshness and glow. These facial and body treatment systems rinse out the deep-seated dirt and filth, normalize the process of blood circulation and well hydrate the surface of the skin.

Spa and health tourism centers in Panama supply scopes for non-chemical and non-evasive procedures like homemade oil baths, oxygen therapy, skin peels and indigenous body scrubs, vitamin pills and photo facial treatments

The Choice Of Spa And Health Tourism In Panama

Health spa tourism habitually comprises therapeutic messages and face / body treatment, like:

  • Different types of massage being offered:

    • Deep tissue massage
    • Aromatherapy
    • Ayurvedic Massage
    • Lymphatic drainage massage
    • Shiatsu
    • Neuromascular therapy

  • And there are several other offers.

The trained professionals of Panama thus caress and invigorate your body through these traditional ways. Each massage procedure professed by health tourism and spa has specific healing specialty.

The top rate health spa tourism centers in Panama catering mostly to foreign clientele are:

  • Gamboa Rainforest Resort Spa
  • Crater Valley Adventure Spa-El Valle
  • Panamonte Inn and Spa
  • La Casa de Lourdes-El Valle

Why Panama Is The Top Choice As A Health Tourism Destination?

Most of the doctors practicing in Panama have been trained in USA and more or less everybody speaks English

The official currency of Panama is dollar

Panama has a rich history, abundance of flora and fauna and is a prime tourist destination.

Traveling from US is simple as it is well connected by air with daily direct flights linking the main cities of USA.

With an enormous range of spa and health tourism options and many health tourism resorts offering combo package of diet and physical exercises for the betterment of your body and mind.

So indulge in the sumptuous feat of health spa tourism of Panama and let your body take the best soak up all the beauties for a refreshing new life.







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